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  1. Before the first draw can be paid out, copies of all necessary building
    permits must be obtained.  If, after researching permit requirements, none
    are needed, then the contractor must develop a letter (signed & dated)
    that states no permits are needed, and the reasons why.  If
    reimbursement of permit fee(s) is desired, obtain receipts for permit(s)
    and provide a note (from you) stating who is to be reimbursed.
  2. Both you and the contractor must sign and date the front page of the
    inspection form where indicated.  If your draw request includes a change
    order form, both you and the contractor must sign and date the change
    order form.
  3. Have the contractor develop a fully executed, notarized lien waiver form
    for the full amount indicated as the total on the inspection form (see line
    36).  If your draw request includes a change order form, then note that you
    will need to add the change order amount appearing on the second page
    of the inspection to the amount shown on the line 36, so that your
    contractor's lien waiver reflects the total of the two, since we anticipate the
    draw amount will increase by the amount shown as addition on the
    change order form.
  4. DEVELOP A FAX COVER PAGE to Jay "The Rehab Man, and fax:

  1.        Copies of permit(s) & receipts or letter re:  permits
  2.        Receipt for inspection
  3.        Both pages of the signed inspection form
  4.        Signed change order form (if applicable)
  5.        Fully executed lien waiver form

......... to me at Rehabman Mortgage at Fax # (708) 949-8596 or scan and
email to me at  Please try to insure the copies are as
legible as possible. If you have any questions regarding any aspect of your
draw, please contact me at (312) 401-5626.
Draw Request Instructions
FHA, Conventional, VA, USDA
Call Jay "The Rehab Man" (312) 401-5626

not charge additionally for them.